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March 15, 2016

5 Benefits of a Good Company Culture

benefits of a good company culture

You can’t open a business magazine lately without reading about the benefits of a good company culture. But transforming a languid office into a thriving company culture can be difficult, and expensive. Is it really worth it?

Here at GetUWired, we answer that question with a resounding “yes!” Sure, it costs money to build and keep a great company culture, but, according to GetUWired CEO Melissa Allen, “It’s so worth it – such great ROI.”

Tangible benefits of GetUWired’s great company culture

Lower Turnover

When people love their jobs, they’re more likely to stay.

With lower turnover rates, you’ll spend less on job postings, onboarding, and training new employees. Plus, you’ll avoid that production-killing time “between” employees.

Personnel issues are easier to deal with

“It’s easier to manage employees when they’re happy and not fighting for position,” Melissa said. “When everyone gets along, it causes a lot less stress for management.”

With a close environment where employees feel like part of a family, lots of times, personnel issues are worked out before they ever reach upper management. Employees have an internal incentive to work out their differences and get along to be “part of the tribe” when the “tribe” is such a strong influence on their everyday experience.

Management has a better grasp of what’s happening in the trenches

Trusting upper management is a big part of a healthy company culture. When you have trusting, honest communication with your staff, you get a much clearer picture of what’s really going on in your company.

In a company where lower-level employees are afraid to make mistakes or talk to the boss, problems can simmer undetected for months until some type of data or KPI unveils them. But when your employees trust you enough to speak frankly about their own failures or what’s going on at their level, you’ll be better prepared to deal with problems faster, before they get out of hand.

Increased loyalty among staff

When people feel appreciated, they’ll go above and beyond to do great work that they’re proud of.

One benefit of a great company culture is that you’ll see MORE of the little things that can actually save you a bunch of money, like remembering to turn the lights off, taking better care of office equipment, and taking the initiative to improve things around the office.

Businesses with a great company culture see LESS of the stupid things disgruntled employees do when they feel they’re being mistreated — like theft, cutting corners, and poor work.

You’ll attract and retain better talent

Having a great company culture is a win-win when it comes to recruiting. It appeals to millennials, who demand fulfilling work in a way no other generation before has (but probably really wanted to). And it appeals to older workers coming out of the buttoned-up drudgery of the corporate environment.

At GetUWired, our culture helps us be choosier about who we hire because it draws in great talent. We’re not scraping for applicants, even here in the mountains of North Georgia, because people are willing to move here or commute long distances because they love our culture. We’ve got several people who drive more than an hour to work every day. Could they find jobs closer to their homes? Of course — they’re educated, highly talented folks. But they WANT to drive that far because they love working here.

“9 out of 10 times, (applicants) will accept our offer,” Melissa said of our hiring process. “That’s the point where they come in and see our office and the culture. So their acceptance of the job is directly based on their feelings when they walk through the office.”

Want to work with an award-winning company culture?

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