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September 18, 2018

90s Music Queen Katelyn Smith is our September Employee of the Month

katelyn smith
Project Manager Katelyn Smith is all smiles as a bridesmaid in Client Manager Emily Ledbetter’s wedding

Project Manager Katelyn Smith is a whirlwind of personality and talent wrapped into one amazing human being. Outlandishly funny, deeply caring, and whip smart, Katelyn is a perfect embodiment of what it means to be a GetUWired tribe member. That’s why she’s our September employee of the month.

The glowing nomination

Developer Julie Brandsma nominated Katelyn, and here’s what she had to say about her:

“Our project managers work harder than most, and Katelyn handles all these responsibilities seamlessly. What sets Katelyn apart however, is that she does what every project manager does and then some. She handles over 20 projects at one time AND she helps with training new developers.

“She also adds to our culture here – she is always the comedic relief when working on tough tasks, she makes the best playlists for our events, conversations with her always include some sort of 90s reference and a good laugh, and unlike some, her bad days do not become anyone else’s bad days.

“She strives to be better than she was yesterday, and she strives to make GetUWired better than it was yesterday. Her sassy attitude and her hard work makes GetUWired a better place to work and she deserves the recognition.”

We all couldn’t agree more.

She’s so extra

Whether it’s nailing her Beyoncé costume for Halloween or showing off her dance moves at the company Christmas Party, Katelyn brings to the table the kind of confident creativity that we all admire.

Her playlists are legendary. Katelyn’s knowledge of music – especially 90s pop and R&B – has us continually astounded. HOW DOES SHE REMEMBER THE LYRICS TO ALL THESE SONGS?

We’re gonna need a bigger dance floor

Client Manager Emily Ledbetter has worked extensively with Katelyn over the years. Here’s what she had to say about her:

“Katelyn does not play when it comes to her work. She could have been blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back and there still would not have been anyone better to train me when I first started.

“Fast forward almost two years later, and this hardworking, Beyoncé-loving, amazing woman has become one of my dearest friends. She is one of the smartest, kindest, funniest, wittiest people I have ever known.

“Just like her tribe members, Katelyn’s clients love her dedication, efficiency, wit, and humor. It is not uncommon for her clients to casually text her a funny anecdote, even on the weekends. This girl is truly the life of the party.

“Katelyn is often the first one to arrive in the mornings and the last one to leave at night. When it comes to her team and her clients, she puts her entire heart into each project.

“One more thing you should know about Katelyn….. she works hard, and she dances harder. I had the pleasure of having her stand next to me at my wedding last year and actually had my wedding planners rearrange the seating so there was a bigger dance floor. I remember saying out loud, ‘I’m sorry, but this just won’t be enough room for Katelyn.’

“I am so excited and thrilled Katelyn is getting the recognition she earns each and every day at GetUWired. We are all so lucky to have her in our lives.”

Work with Katelyn!

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