Making Stuff Happen With Martini Mastermind

Sarah Laws, Founder of Martini Mastermind and Laws Marketing Consulting, pulls smart people together to share their visions and grow their businesses. She hosts and produces online summits, including her own recent Profit Online Summit, in which our own Dobbin Buck participated. He’s also part of her Martini Mastermind, which sounds delicious.

  • 4:50 – “When you put smart, fun people who like to give together, incredible things happen.” How Sarah builds successful mastermind groups.
  • 6:50 –  “Did I know everything that needed to be done to do an online summit? Heck no, but did I figure it out along the way? Absolutely! And now that I’m on the other side of it, I can go back and think what are the things that I would do differently next time?” How to evaluate and refine processes in real time.
  • 11:45 – “You come to an event and connect with somebody. You bring the biggest problem that could be weighing on you and put it out to the group, and within five minutes it’s solved. You can physically see the difference that it makes.” About the unique power of mastermind groups.
  • 16:44 – “There are a million moving pieces and new things that come up all the time, but now I have years of experience under my belt – and I know how to handle it when someone tasers himself…” On logistics and Dobbin’s “shocking” experience in Sedona.
  • 32:20 – “We created a certified partner program for Wicked Reports, and it was [about] how can the partner win here? What are the benefits that you can put in a partner program that make it sustainable? What will they get out of it?” On getting partners to buy into a certified partner program.

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Sarah Laws is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and marketing nerd whose passion is helping businesses grow through connections and automation. Whether working with start-ups or multi-million dollar companies, her core values remain the same: have fun, live passionately, and the more we share the more we all win. Visit to learn more.


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