Meet Emily Breuninger, Manager, Partnerships at Zapier – and learn more about her company’s low-cost, no-code integration software that can easily and efficiently pull all of your automation tools together into one platform. Find out more about how to use Zapier as a business solution.

  • 5:23 – “Right now we have about 2500, and we’re adding about 100 per month—and that’s public integrations that you can find in our directory. Behind the scenes (with private integrations), there are thousands more.” On how infinite the integrations truly are through Zapier.
  • 8:50 –  “For me, it was about connecting MailChimp to our CRM, so whenever we got a subscriber in MailChimp, I needed to connect it to my CRM, and I couldn’t find a way to do it so I asked my developers to build the integration. He just looked at me and said, ‘You are crazy! You can use Zapier for that!’” How Emily got started using Zapier to connect automation tools.
  • 12:15 – “I’ve always said if you are looking to build a SAAS platform, you could do it entirely in no-code at this point. You’d use Airtable for your database, Zapier for your integrations, and Webflow for your front end.” How to build an entire no-code software platform using Emily’s three “go-to’s.”
  • 17:35 – “One is that the software is trustworthy and effective. The other is that the company’s core values are in alignment with our own core values. The third is that the people behind the software need to be the types of people that we want to work with.” Dobbin on GetuWired’s three rules for software selection.
  • 23:50 – “I think the one that stands out most is the empathy over ego. How that translates on a day-to-day basis is there’s no job that’s too small for anyone in the company. You have our CEO going in and doing all-hands support for customers. If you were to ping him about some random question, he’d answer it.” On Zapier’s most important values.

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Zapier offers easy automation for busy people, moving info between your web apps automatically so you can focus on your most important work.

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