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October 23, 2018

Cabin Mind Collective – GetUWired’s new mindset training

The Cabin Mind Collective is a new group of about 15 GetUWired employees that gets together to  “hack their minds” for more peace, more clarity, better focus, and an all-around better life.

“Small businesses are often most focused on operational efficiencies, culture, team building and the development of an individual’s craft, but seldom focus on the mental and physical well-being of our team members,” says Cabin Mind Collective mentor and resident Jedi Master Dobbin Buck. “But it’s been proven that mindset training promotes, in many elevated companies, a happier and more satisfied culture of team members. This training not only expands the ability to navigate the workspace in a positive manner, but follows the participants home into their family lives and friendships.”

“In the Cabin Mind Collective, we’re going to be exploring different teachings from a variety of disciplines in positive mindset and attaining high level flow states of performance and creativity,” Dobbin says.

Meditation, Mindset, and Mind Hacking

During the Cabin Mind Collective’s inaugural meeting, the group listened as Head Mind Hacker Dobbin introduced us to the principals we’d be learning and explained how meditation and mindset practices have helped him through his life. Dobbin has been though extensive NLP and hypnosis training, in addition to being a devoted student of meditation and mindset. So far, his knowledge has only been shared regularly with the sales and business development department. The Cabin Mind Collective has finally opened this training up to the company as a whole – and the enthusiasm around it is palpable.

“I’ve been studying meditation and a variety of different practices for many years to help negate pressure, stress, and anxiety in my life. This has led to more satisfying work relationships with my coworkers and deeper relationships with our clients,” Dobbin says. “I thought it would be a great idea to explore some of this methodology with the GetUWired team and also extract successful traits and useful mindfulness-type practices from our incredible team members.”

Group meditation that was surprisingly not weird

After the introduction, Dobbin led the group through a 10-minute meditation. Some of the group members had tried meditation before, and a few already had regular mediation practices, but for many, it was their first time.

Does it seems weird – the thought of closing your eyes and going into another state of consciousness with your coworkers? For most businesses, it probably would be. But not us. Our “tribe” mentality and family-like atmosphere at GetUWired is always real, but it’s times like these when we prove it to ourselves once again. We all meditated together for 10 minutes, then went around and spoke about how it made us feel and shared the very personal interpretations of what was going on in our heads during the meditation. With our group, where we all know each other very well and having a close culture is encouraged and nurtured, it’s easy to feel safe sharing with the group.

The future of mindset training at GetUWired 

So far, we’ve only had one meeting of the Cabin Mind Collective, and where it goes from here is going to be at the direction of the participants.

For Administrative Coordinator April Loebick, she is participating in mindset training to help her escape stress, increase self-confidence and overcome “imposter syndrome,” which nearly everyone experiences to some degree. She already does yoga once or twice a week and wants to add mindset training to her mental-health repertoire as an added boost – and one that’s free and done on company time (double win).

“Emotional wellbeing is probably the aspect that gets left out of most corporate-sponsored wellness programs, and I’m excited to see the direction that our mindset training group will take,” April says.

Work with these great minds 

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