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Which services will be needed for this project?

Business Overview

Please describe a high level vision of where your company is now.
Who is your IDEAL client/market?
Who is NOT your IDEAL client/market?
Who are your closest competitors?
How would you summarize your primary sales funnel?
Please describe your product/service menu and prices (links to order forms, a spreadsheet with product matrix, etc. are helpful here if applicable).
Please provide any resources we can use to get a better understanding of your company and its services. Examples include link to websites, landing pages, sales letters, etc.
Please describe your customer journey/user flow as you see it today (please be as detailed as possible).
Who is currently using these integrations? Your internal team? External clients?
Please describe at a high-level the way you envision your systems/softwares to be integrated.
Please create video walkthroughs of each software and how it’s used day-to-day/overview of process.

Project Overview

Are there any immediate action items or quick wins you would like us to tackle as a first priority?
Besides the quick wins mentioned above, please provide more information on your in-depth project needs.
Do you have any deadlines we need to be aware of - like going live before an event, etc.?
What does success look like for your project with GetUWired. For example: timesaving and efficiency, automated additional processes, increased revenue, more leads, etc. As well, are there any specific expectations you’d like us to be aware of?
What is a realistic budget for this project? We will be building a custom scope for you, so knowing what you’re prepared to invest is very important.

Development Specs

If it is possible to create any video walkthroughs of your current process in the softwares we will be integrating, we can review and prepare while we are awaiting access. We would like to see how you are currently using each system and an outline of the business rules as well as what needs to be synchronized between systems.
If it already exists, please provide any mapping of data fields between your systems. If possible please specify how you would like the data to be transformed, translated, or synchronized during the integration process. If this documentation does not currently exist we will help to create it as a part of our process.
If known at this time, please list any technical, functional, and security requirements for the integration that you are aware of. Include any specific protocols, data formats, or authentication mechanisms needed for successful communication between the systems.
If required, please outline the security measures that will need to be implemented to protect data during transit and within the integrated systems. Specify any required access control mechanisms and user permissions for secure interaction.
If applicable, what does the development/deployment environment look like?
Please provide any additional resources such as data mapping, API documentation for your softwares, etc.


Do you plan to involve any 3rd parties in this project such as development, design or implementation firms? If so, please list.
Please list any team members you would like to include in communications on this project: first and last name, role and responsibilities, phone number and email.
What time zone will you/your team be working out of?
Is there anything else we need to know that we haven't asked you already?
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