Small Business Marketing
August 19, 2020


Meet Ryan Fletcher, CEO and Head of Community at ImpactClub® – and learn how to make your business’ profits go further with philanthropic purpose!

  • 2:32 – “There’s always this realization once you start making money, you’re like, ‘Well, what’s next?’ That was what started happening with me as well as some of our clients…we’ve impacted our business, impacted our families, so how do we impact our communities?”
  • 9:50 – “What I realized was, as soon as I made it public that I had to do mind, body, business relationships, it’s like my entire decision-making system went into alignment with that public declaration.”
  • 11:15 – “As entrepreneurs, all we have is story.”
  • 18:40 – “The whole point is you versus you. Some of the most inspiring people of all are the ones who, against all odds, just refuse to quit.”
  • 29:42 – About image, authenticity, and owning your story – warts and all.

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ImpactClub® is all about sharing the stories of small businesses who do good in the world via their philanthropic efforts. To learn more or subscribe to their inspirational StoryAthlete™ podcast, visit


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