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The Relationship

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Let's talk about your business. Your goals. Your pain points. It all starts with a conversation.

It All Starts With a Conversation

About you, your business and your customers. Because we know the key to producing really great work is a deep connection to your business.

We start by talking with you. Or, rather, by listening.

We want to know - what are your goals? What pain points are holding you back? Who are your customers? Everything we do for you is going to be based on that conversation - on you!

Sick of being ignored?

In our 12 years in business, we've realized that small business owners are sick of working with companies that don't really understand or care about their businesses. We want to show you that we do. Here's how we do it...

Your Dedicated Team

We match you with a project manager that fits your needs and personality like your favorite pair of jeans. You're going to be working with this person a lot, so it's important that you get along!

Your PM and their development team will be on your project from start to finish. This is a huge benefit for you because every single developer, designer and copywriter that works on your project is familiar with you and has a deep connection to your business.

Peep show (the G-rated kind)

For your ongoing peace of mind, we use a project management portal that you can log into any time, day or night, to see how your project is coming along. You'll be able to see task lists, hours logged, messages between team members, and much more. We'll never keep you in the dark or make you wonder how your project is going.

300 Years of experience under our roof

Behind the scenes, your PM and development team will be drawing on the experience of our 40 full-time marketing experts with more than 300 years of combined experience. We collaborate and discuss each other's projects constantly to make sure we always delivers the best marketing in the world.

Our core values

Every move we make is directed by our core values. Unlike other companies that put some words on a wall and then try to get everyone on board, the GetUWired team created our core values together. We know them by heart, and we live by them every day. They are:

Empower - We empower and respect small business owners
Respect - We honor the role and respect the position
Excellence - We take pride and ownership in our work
Challenge - We define and conquer every challenge
Tribe - We _________ together.
Our Mission: To help small businesses succeed.

See what a REAL relationship can do for your business!

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