Hosting Credentials and Access

Hosting access is one of the most important things that you can provide us access to. Not only is it only important in order to manage your DNS and websites, but it will also provide access to your database and server-related functionality like Cron Jobs.

Examples of hosting companies that we work with (but, obviously, not exclusively): GoDaddy, Flywheel, WPEngine, Blue Hosting, and Lightsail

It’s also important to note, if your hosting company allows you to turn off two-factor authentication on delegate accounts, it’s important that you do so. Otherwise, every time GetUWired attempts to login, we will need to get the code that they send you.

Providing Delegate Access with GoDaddy

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account, and navigate to your account settings.
  2. Click Delegate Access.
  3. In the ‘People who can access my account section’, click Invite to Access.
  4. Enter the name and email ( for the new user.
  5. Select an access level. GetUWired prefers the Products & Domains access.
  6. Once the invitation has been sent, return to the GetUWired Credential form and submit all fields except the password field. Once we receive the invitation, we will be prompted to create a secure password.
  7. After the delegate access has been created, navigate to the GoDaddy Login & Pin page (You might be prompted to log back in).
  8. Once logged in, go to the Two-Step Verification area, and select edit.
  9. Select Delete next to the authentication method you would like to remove, then Select Remove. If you have backup methods, you will need to repeat these steps until there aren’t anymore Two-Step Verification methods.

*Please note: Even with this access level, delegate access does not allow the user to manage or add payment methods, invite others to your account, change any account credentials, view order history, or upgrade any of your products. You may revoke access at anytime as well.