Keap Services

Keap is the CRM you’ve been waiting for – with a full range of capabilities including marketing automation, customer management, e-commerce, and much more. It’s the personal assistant you’ve always wanted (that never goes on vacation)!

Keap Services

Setup, Cleanup and Implementation – If you’re new to Keap, we’ll get you up and running quickly with complete setup and implementation. If you want to maximize your current account, we can do that, too, with cleanup, organization and more.

Automated Sales Funnels – An automated sales funnel nurtures your customers through each stage of the sales process, warming up cool leads and even letting you know which leads are hot … so you can contact them directly!

Email Marketing Campaigns – Keep your brand in front of your customers with email marketing campaigns. We do it all – from strategy and content to design and development.

Custom API Integrations – Need Keap to work with your other systems? It’s easy! Our never-say-no developers can connect all your favorite softwares to your Keap account.

Common API Integrations we do include:

  • Stats reporting

  • Blog-to-email functionality

  • Custom lead generation tools

  • Real estate calculators

  • Mortgage calculators

  • Matching leads to third-party companies

  • Shopping carts

Custom Reporting Tools – We’ve developed hundreds of custom Keap reporting tools for clients in all industries. Your important data is in there somewhere, and we’ll flush it out for you!

Sales Pipeline Mastery – Do your salespeople spend too much time on grunt-work and not enough time in the field? Keap can take care of a number of the tedious tasks that take your people off the sales floor, including task reminders, phone calls and more.

Shopping Carts and E-Commerce – With beautiful graphics, user-friendly search features and suggested products, you’ll see larger purchases and less cart abandonment.

Business Flow Development – We’ll discuss your business’ pain points and see if we can find a way to fix them using Keap. (You’ll be amazed at all the things this software can do.)


Keap Sales

There’s a reason GetUWired is Keap’s #1 Sales and Revenue Generating Partner – actually, there are three.

  • We do more than sell you Keap. Where other firms sell you Keap, pat you on the back, and tell you “good luck,” GetUWired makes sure you can actually USE it! When you buy Keap from us, you get four hours of training included in the price. We also offer a full support staff and complementary services that will help you make your Keap dreams a reality.

  • We offer the strongest Keap pricing in the market. Someone else says they can beat our price? Highly suspect. When you compare apples to apples, you get WAY MORE from us than you will from anyone else – for the same price or less.

  • Our customers win Keap awards (and so do we). Year after year, GetUWired and its clients dominate Keap competitions. That’s great exposure for them, and for us. You can see our awards here.


Keap Training

Keap will revolutionize the way you do business, but first, you gotta know how to use it! Our Keap trainers understand that you’re busy running a business – so they get right to the heart of what YOU need to know to get the most out of your Keap app.

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Keap Done-For-You Campaigns

Companies that use marketing automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads – but coming up with all that content can be a nightmare!

Our Done-For-You campaigns provide all the content you need that is completely customizable, so you can add your business logo and personal details.

Our industry-specific Done-For-You Campaigns include:

  • Real Estate

  • Landscaping

  • CrossFit

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