Marketing Automation
November 27, 2013

Marketing automation definition made simple


The simple marketing automation definition is “using software to automate repetitive online marketing tasks.” Using software increases the efficiency of your information being sent to every lead, prospect and current buyer while reducing the chances of human error.

What is the marketing automation definition?

The first part is to create a marketing funnel that moves cold leads through a series of drip marketing emails, which educate the leads on your product or service, to the end of the funnel where they are ready to make a purchase. The idea behind marketing automation is to educate your leads on what products or services satisfy their needs and hopefully make that informed decision of your offer being the best solution for their needs.

The second part is to track the behavior of leads within the campaign by embedding a code into emails, landing pages and storefronts. Tracking allows for feedback such as how many emails the lead opened, what stage of the campaign they are currently in, and when/if they drop out of the campaign. This allows for you to interpret if a part of your funnel needs to be changed to better nurture leads that have been dropping out.

What can marketing automation do for my business?

  • Create a 24/7 marketing campaign that seamlessly communicates with your cold leads to turn them into hot prospects.
  • Eliminate confusion by sending exactly what you want to say and gaining saved feedback that you can look over without potential over-the-phone misinterpretation.
  • Build marketing campaigns that send out email blasts, newsletters, information, etc. automatically with a pre-strategized, lead-nurturing timeframe.
  • Create shopping carts to automate the buying process so that prospects can make purchases on their own time and you can benefit from constant revenue.
  • Create a record for each unique visitor’s behavior so you can see which leads are “hot” and which ones need more nurturing.
  • View how many people are in the campaign, at what stage, and how many have completed it. You can also go more in depth by viewing contact information of prospects in the different stages.

How can I get started with marketing automation?

GetUWired does marketing automation for companies all around the world, generating
more qualified leads and increasing conversions. We have in-house experts that provide consultations and strategy ideas for the development of your marketing automation campaigns as well as training for those who like to do it themselves. Thank you for reading about the marketing automation definition. To schedule an appointment to see how marketing automation can help your business reach its goals, call 877-236-9094 or click here.


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