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Currently, what is the biggest pain point you'd like support with?
What are your expectations for our time together?
Do you have any deadlines that I need to be aware of - ie. going live before an event, a new website launch, etc.?
As mentioned by your sales representative, we don't specialize or provide assistance in Infusionsoft integrations, but it helps us to know they exist in your project. Can you please list any currently running integrations, as well as any future ones?
What does your business do and how does Infusionsoft support it currently? To save you time, I ask that you please try to describe this in less than 5 sentences. (This can be hard to do, but we will have plenty of time for details later.)
Please provide any resources we can use to get a better understanding of your company and it's services. Examples include: links to websites, landing pages, sales letters, etc.
What time zone will you be working out of the most?
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