New Client Questionnaire

To do our best work for your business, we’ve got to REALLY understand your goals, processes, pain points, and dreams.

So please take a few minutes to answer these questions. As soon as you finish, your answers will be sent to your project manager, who will review them and schedule your first meeting!

Please be as honest and as detailed as you can. This isn’t like a stranger asking “How are you?” at the grocery store. We REALLY want to know!

What is your Ultimate Vision?
What is your Ultimate Mission?
What are the biggest pain points you’re facing right now?
Which of those pain points do you want to tackle first?
What items do you absolutely need completed by us? (Example: new website, email campaigns, etc.)
What items would be nice to have if time/budget allows?
Do you have any deadlines we need to be aware of - like going live before an event, etc.?
Are there any specific expectations you’d like us to be aware of so we can make your GetUWired experience even more rewarding?
Do you plan to involve any 3rd parties in this project such as development, design or implementation firms? If so, please list.
Who is your ideal client?
Who is NOT your ideal client?
Please describe your product/service menu and prices. If this project will involve a shopping cart, please be as detailed as possible.
Please list any team members you would like to include in communications on this project: first and last name, role and responsibilities, phone number and email.
What is a realistic budget for this project? We will be building a custom scope for you, so knowing what you’re prepared to invest is very important.
How much revenue (in percentages) do you see from each of your products/services?
What are your current marketing efforts?
Please describe your sales process.
What time zone will you be working out of?
Please provide any resources we can use to get a better understanding of your company and its services. Examples include link to websites, landing pages, sales letters, etc.
How did you hear about us? Were you referred by anyone?

We're going to create a results-driven, common sense marketing strategy for your business. But first, let's talk!