New Hourly Client Questionnaire

To do our best work for your business, we’ve got to REALLY understand your goals, processes, pain points, and dreams.

So please take a few minutes to answer these questions. As soon as you finish, your answers will be sent to your project manager, who will review them and schedule your first meeting!

Please be as honest and as detailed as you can. This isn’t like a stranger asking “How are you?” at the grocery store. We REALLY want to know!

Please enter your name and email address before getting started to ensure that we receive your questionnaire.
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Please describe a high level vision of where your company is now.
How will your investment in GetUWired help you to realize your immediate and long term marketing and technologically based goals?
As we begin this partnership are there any immediate action items or quick wins you would like us to tackle as a first priority? (Ex: broken site issues, adding tracking to the site, contact imports, broken campaigns, etc.)
Besides the quick wins mentioned above, please provide more information on your more in-depth project needs.
After we complete your initial priority action items what additional wish list items would you like to discuss with us?
Do you have any deadlines we need to be aware of - like going live before an event, etc.?
Are there any specific expectations you’d like us to be aware of so we can make your GetUWired experience even more rewarding?
Do you plan to involve any 3rd parties in this project such as development, design or implementation firms? If so, please list.
Please explain your ideal target market and customer as well as what industry your service or product serves.
Please describe your product/service menu and prices.
Who are your closest competitors?
What is a realistic budget for this project? We will be building a custom scope for you, so knowing what you’re prepared to invest is very important.
Please list any team members you would like to include in communications on this project: first and last name, role, and email.

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Please describe your customer journey.
Please provide any resources we can use to get a better understanding of your company and its services. Examples include link to websites, landing pages, sales letters, etc.


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Other Assets

Please describe for us what success looks like for your project with GetUWired. For example, time-saving and efficiency, ROI, automated additional processes, increased revenue, etc.
Is there anything else we need to know that we haven't asked you already?
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