Memberium Membership Sites

Turn your WordPress website into a powerful membership site with Memberium. Memberium is a plugin created specifically to integrate WordPress with Infusionsoft. It's faster, less cumbersome, and more powerful than any other Infusionsoft membership site plugin on the market. That's why Memberium is our preferred membership plugin!

GetUWired is now a Memberium Certified Partner

GetUWired is proud to announce that we are now a Memberium Certified Partner! We've earned this distinguished title because of our expertise and experience building tons of successful membership sites using Memberium.

What Memberium can do for you

Create and Sell Online Courses

With Memberium you can create and sell an unlimited number of online courses. Easily sort membership levels with Infusionsoft tags so you can restrict/unlock content for different levels automatically.

Embed Infusionsoft's best features into your membership

Easily add Infusionsoft custom fields to your membership site, drip dynamic content through Infusionsoft campaigns, release individual products in one place with upsell opportunities, and more. Then, tag contacts in Infusionsoft based on what they accomplish.

Let members manage their private accounts

Stop the constant barrage of phone calls and emails from your members allowing them to manage their accounts online. With Memberium, they can add/change contact info, update billing information, and a lot more without you having to lift a finger.

Build private training portals for your employees

Stop wasting your employees' time training new employees by creating custom training programs on your membership site.

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